About Us

The Baxter Mill Archive is a collection of over 400,000 fabric swatches, antique documents and books, and hand-painted artwork owned by Springs Creative Products Group, LLC.  The culmination of many great textile companies of the world brought the archive documents together to create the Baxter Mill Archive design library, many dating back to as early as the mid-1800s.  The Baxter Mill design studio breathes fresh life to the archives by remastering the files and creating new collections with modern trends and design in mind.  With over 120 years of rich history in the textiles industry, Springs Creative Product Group is please do share the Baxter Mill Archive with the world.

You’re invited to enter the vault for creative exploration, design inspiration, and to give our historic archives a fresh purpose in today’s marketplace.


“I am so happy to introduce the launch of the Baxter Mill Archive. This vast design library consists of over 400,000 antique documents, European textile books, and original, hand-painted  artwork. The documents originate from the Fort Mill Manufacturing Company, founded in the 1880s, Lowenstein and Sons, founded in 1889, and Springs Industries, one of the largest textile manufacturing companies in the world. I call the archive my ‘candy shop’!

What truly sets the Baxter Mill Archive apart is our brilliant designers that thoughtfully remaster the archive documents to create one-of-a-kind collections. Their years of unparalleled design experience combined with extensive knowledge of creating repeats and printing and weaving processes make them uniquely suited to assist you in creating your next original collection.

We have opened the Baxter Mill Archive vault to share its beauty with each and every one of you! Enclosed in this look book are our Spring/Summer 2017 trends along with a small collection of designs created by remastering the archives.

My creative mother always said that we are all surrounded by great ideas, we just have to reach up and grab one! I encourage everyone who wants to be inspired or is looking for their next great idea to take a trip down to the lovely town of Rock Hill, SC, just 20 miles south of Charlotte.  Or, contact us for more information about how you can harness the Baxter Mill Archive for your own collections. I invite you to come play in the ‘candy shop’!”



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