Autumn/Winter 2017 Trends

You’re invited to enter the vault for creative exploration, design inspiration, and to give our historic archives a fresh purpose in today’s marketplace.


Our Mysterious collection centers on embracing and understanding darkness. The overall vision for our Mysterious collection translates into luxurious, gothic, and ornate print and pattern design. Our designers focus on faceted gems, dark ombrés, distressed florals, psychedelic dream influences, and Victorian lace to create a complexly layered, opulent look. Colors are rich and deep with shades like dark merlot and pewter which combine with piercing accents of citrus green.


The Amorphous collection centers on sophisticated sustainability, the blending of mixed materials, and the convergence of technology with hand-craft. Texture is king in Amorphous print design. A mixed media approach, such as combining hand-painted textures with unexpected digitally produced shapes, evokes depth and tactility. Imperfect florals, grainy patterns, and hazy finishes are key. Dusty blues and hazy pink are important shades while industrial greys and browns round out the neutrals.


Our Biophilia collection is the reaction to our screen-dominated world. As we become further inundated with technology, our desire for a connection with nature grows. Farm-to-table principles will venture further than the table as locally sourced materials for apparel, home, and other product categories become more important. Pattern and print design take a softer, more organic look. Mineral formations, natural textures, and defined leaves and stems bring our Biophilia collection together. Color is entirely influenced by the outdoors, particularly dawn and dusk when the cool shades of the earth are awash with the bright autumn sun.


A focus on sensory experiences as well as wellness and feelings of home drive the Modular collection. Eclectic themes, nods from the 1970s design world, and the fuse of technology into everyday apparel and interiors drive this trend. Unexpected contrasts are essential in Modular print and pattern design. Disarrayed geometrics, moiré texture, and retro influences tell an eclectic story. Think mid-century modern with an updated, quirky approach. Color has an unmistakable retro quality. A balance of midtones with key tones like saturated red and deep green evoke 1970s glam.

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