Spring/Summer 2017 Trends

You’re invited to enter the vault for creative exploration, design inspiration, and to give our historic archives a fresh purpose in
today’s marketplace.


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Interlude dispels the constant busyness and the technology of the day-to-day and encourages rest. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and take special time to focus on what is important- time, meaning, and experiences. Subtle intricacies of shadows and traces of florals and branches add a touch of luxury and evoke an airy, delicate feeling. The color palette reflects this calming and soft-focused direction. Subdued tones of almond, apricot, sage, and dusty blue create a serene atmosphere while coral, bright yellow, and muted gold bring a freshness to the collection. Pattern is discreet, non-invasive, and refined. The Interlude Home Collection is the perfect place to spend an easy, quiet morning or a sunny afternoon laze.


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Recall warm, comforting memories of home. Afternoons spent pouring through family photo albums and sipping tea from vintage china. Multi-layered design, beautifully worn florals, and nostalgic motifs inspire handmade, vintage looks. Rosy pinks, delicate purples, and warm neutrals form a color story that is full of wistful longing for times gone by. A touch of an eclectic spirit brings the collection to the present eliciting a bespoke feeling. Pattern is sweet, romantic, and feminine, translating well to home décor and apparel. Heritage is the quintessential blend of traditional looks with a touch of whimsy.

Global Fusion

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Global Fusion is for the traveler in all of us. Insatiable wanderlust propels this collection to look to exotic faraway places that inspire punchy tropical prints and deconstructed botanicals. Multiple cultures like Asian and African merge to create truly transcendent design. This collection journeys from fantastical colorings to refined folk influences; from rich underwater shiboris to vivid floral brights. The color story effortlessly sweeps sojourners from the coast to the jungle and everywhere in between with beachy inspired neutrals, aquatic blues, shell whites, lush greens, and vibrant tropical bursts. Spend dreamy summer nights in the Far East or the lively Caribbean and create your own bohemian paradise with the Global Fusion collection.


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Energizing and bold, Techno fuses the intertwining of technology in everyday life in the present with nostalgic references to the 1980s. Punk attitude, the new romantic, and radical honesty are all key influencers in this collection’s creative direction. Pattern design is directly inspired by elements of the tech world like sound waves and barcodes. Color exudes the digital age with jelly bean green, hot pink, bright yellow, and dark plum as key tones. Classic 1980s tones also make a comeback. Dimensional patterns and sharp, stylized lines are softened, but retain their definition. Geometric shapes, remixed florals, and layered textures electrify and excite.

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