Stencil silhouette — Stylized blooms — Nostalgic

Dainty lace, stylized florals, and toile-inspired design are reminiscent of vases full of handpicked wildflowers on the kitchen table.  Romantic and feminine, this collection is a sweet reminder that home is where the heart is.  Arabelle is a remastered original fabric swatch from 1897.

  • Janessa


  • Pauline


  • Garden District


Recall warm, comforting memories of home.  Afternoons spent pouring through family photo albums and sipping tea from vintage china.  Multi-layered design, beautifully worn florals, and nostalgic motifs inspire handmade, vintage looks.  Rosy pinks, delicate purples, and warm neutrals form a color story that is full of wistful longing for times gone by.  A touch of an eclectic spirit brings the collection to the present eliciting a bespoke feeling.  Pattern is sweet, romantic, and feminine, translating well to home décor and apparel.    Heritage is the quintessential blend of traditional looks with a touch of whimsy.

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