Mod Thrift

Whimsical — Antique Chic — Eclectic

Rich color and eclectic floral-medallion motifs create a homespun, whimsical look.  These prints are curated from some of our favorite drawers and books tucked away in the archive, much like precious family heirlooms are concealed in velvety boxes and lacy handkerchiefs for safekeeping.

  • Shadow Blossom

    Navarre Floral

  • Rhythmic Plaid


  • Navarre Rotted Floral

    Botiza Trellis

Recall warm, comforting memories of home.  Afternoons spent pouring through family photo albums and sipping tea from vintage china.  Multi-layered design, beautifully worn florals, and nostalgic motifs inspire handmade, vintage looks.  Rosy pinks, delicate purples, and warm neutrals form a color story that is full of wistful longing for times gone by.  A touch of an eclectic spirit brings the collection to the present eliciting a bespoke feeling.  Pattern is sweet, romantic, and feminine, translating well to home décor and apparel.    Heritage is the quintessential blend of traditional looks with a touch of whimsy.

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