Natural Allusion

Airy — Sweet Florals — Dainty

Set aside time to focus on life’s important experiences and gain fresh perspective on your surroundings.  Delicate blooms in pale purples and blues tell a sweet story of simple romance.  Lacy traces, pearlescent whites, and crisp neutrals give the collection balance.

  • Lyndon


  • Linna


  • Raine


Interlude dispels the constant busyness and the technology of the day-to-day and encourages rest.  Take a step back, take a deep breath, and take special time to focus on what is important- time, meaning, and experiences.  Subtle intricacies of shadows and traces of florals and branches add a touch of luxury and evoke an airy, delicate feeling.  The color palette reflects this calming and soft-focused direction.  Subdued tones of almond, apricot, sage, and dusty blue create a serene atmosphere while coral, bright yellow, and muted gold bring a freshness to the collection.  Pattern is discreet, non-invasive, and refined.  The Interlude Home Collection is the perfect place to spend an easy, quiet morning or a sunny afternoon laze.

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