Retreat — Soft Detail — Blurred Effects

Mellow, yet refined, Tranquility displays intriguing detail without becoming overwhelming.  Detailed pattern is merged with subdued tones of blue and pops of bright color that inspire fluid, creative thought. The cornerstone design, Allure, is a remastered archive from a Parisian art nouveau book.

  • Allure


  • Iberis

    Aspen Midst

  • Aralia


Interlude dispels the constant busyness and the technology of the day-to-day and encourages rest.  Take a step back, take a deep breath, and take special time to focus on what is important- time, meaning, and experiences.  Subtle intricacies of shadows and traces of florals and branches add a touch of luxury and evoke an airy, delicate feeling.  The color palette reflects this calming and soft-focused direction.  Subdued tones of almond, apricot, sage, and dusty blue create a serene atmosphere while coral, bright yellow, and muted gold bring a freshness to the collection.  Pattern is discreet, non-invasive, and refined.  The Interlude Home Collection is the perfect place to spend an easy, quiet morning or a sunny afternoon laze.

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