Lush — Organic Botanicals — Hothouse

Lush botanical prints with tropical and tribal influences fully immerse you in the jungle.  Thick leaves entwined with cool, wild verdure and multilayered texture create a cohesive collection.  Explore the undiscovered, the natural, and the free.

  • Kauri


  • Featherwood


  • Mahalo


Global Fusion is for the traveler in all of us.  Insatiable wanderlust propels this collection to look to exotic faraway places that inspire punchy tropical prints and deconstructed botanicals.  Multiple cultures like Asian and African merge to create truly transcendent design.  This collection journeys from fantastical colorings to refined folk influences; from rich underwater shiboris to vivid floral brights.  The color story effortlessly sweeps sojourners from the coast to the jungle and everywhere in between with beachy inspired neutrals, aquatic blues, shell whites, lush greens, and vibrant tropical bursts.  Spend dreamy summer nights in the Far East or the lively Caribbean and create your own bohemian paradise with the Global Fusion collection.

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