Inspiration — Color Pop — Experimenta

Pops of color intrigue the eye allowing the surrounding black and white to create stimulating, fluid movement.  Barcodes, soundwaves, and analog technology are all key influencers of this active, street style collection.  Passage comes to us from a vintage fabric swatch from 1910.

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Energizing and bold, Techno fuses the intertwining of technology in everyday life in the present with nostalgic references to the 1980s.  Punk attitude, the new romantic, and radical honesty are all key influencers in this collection’s creative direction.  Pattern design is directly inspired by elements of the tech world like sound waves and barcodes.  Color exudes the digital age with jelly bean green, hot pink, bright yellow, and dark plum as key tones.  Classic 1980s tones also make a comeback.  Dimensional patterns and sharp, stylized lines are softened, but retain their definition.  Geometric shapes, remixed florals, and layered textures electrify and excite.

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