Spring/Summer 2018 Trends

You’re invited to enter the vault for creative exploration, design inspiration, and to give our historic archives a fresh purpose in
today’s marketplace.


Community relationship, multi-cultural influences, and collective experiences are all results of globalization. As travel, diversity, and openness become more important, comradery between people near and far flourish. Hinterland evokes a free-spirited, imperfect approach to design.

A blend of many cultures and eras influence print and pattern. Intricate medallions, updated folk, woven textures, and nautical themes tie Hinterland together. Reds and yellows remind of warm sunsets, while hues of berry and indigo round out the vibrant color palette.


Experimental taps into the boundless creativity of youth. The random and unfinished is to be championed; the desire for originality revived. Perfect social media feeds are ignored while real, ordinary life is celebrated. Nostalgia is at an all-time high while youth is considered to be a mindset, not bound by age.

1990s underground is a key area from which inspiration is drawn. Ultranormal, clean graphics, urban grids, random shape play, and layering characterize print and pattern design. Highly expressive, unfinished, painterly qualities combine with sharp stripes and textured color. Color includes electric pastels like lilac and mint while urban inspired neutrals like grey, white, and black ground the palette.


The desire for nature transforms into manmade wonderlands and virtually created tropical paradises. Emphasis is placed on experiences, sensory stimulation, and blending borders. Finding creative solutions with sustainable materials as well as exploration in sensory textiles will dominate the design world.

In print and pattern design, supernatural and psychedelic themes reign throughout Symbiotic. Glossy surfaces, exaggerated, lush flora, exotic animal skins, and mirrored elements encompass motif design. Dark backgrounds are key while tropical greens, ocean blues, and opalescent brights bring an intensity to the color palette.


Our Purist collection centers on embracing slowness and seeking boredom in a world that is constantly moving. The past is remembered as we step boldly into the future. An emphasis on buying less, but better becomes commonplace as design becomes more thoughtful. Products are fine-tuned, stripped down and technology begins to seamlessly integrate into daily life.

Marbled surfaces, bold contrasts between shapes and colors, architectural blocking, and cracked and shattered texture are prominent in Purist print and pattern. Hazy neutrals and deep mineral tones mix with bright cerulean blue and weathered pastels for natural and industrial color.

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