Experimental pushes originality past its limits, drawing on the creative of youthful thinking. Patterns are random, unfinished,highly expressive, and nostalgic of the 1990’s.

  • Canalis


  • Open Angle


Experimental taps into the boundless creativity of youth.  The random and unfinished is to be championed; the desire for originality revived.  Perfect social media feeds are ignored while real, ordinary life is celebrated.  Nostalgia is at an all-time high while youth is considered to be a mindset, not bound by age.

1990s underground is a key area from which inspiration is drawn.  Ultranormal, clean graphics, urban grids, random shape play, and layering characterize print and pattern design.  Highly expressive, unfinished, painterly qualities combine with sharp stripes and textured color.  Color includes electric pastels like lilac and mint while urban inspired neutrals like grey, white, and black ground the palette.

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