Embracing Slowness and meaningful time alone in a world of constant busyness characterizes out Purist BMA Purist Sp18 Collection. Prints are a combination of marbleized textures, architectural blocking, along with fine graphic geos.

  • Adraitic


  • Pueblo


Our Purist collection centers on embracing slowness and seeking boredom in a world that is constantly moving.  The past is remembered as we step boldly into the future.  An emphasis on buying less, but better becomes commonplace as design becomes more thoughtful. Products are fine-tuned, stripped down and technology begins to seamlessly integrate into daily life.

Marbled surfaces, bold contrasts between shapes and colors, architectural blocking, and cracked and shattered texture are prominent in Purist print and pattern.  Hazy neutrals and deep mineral tones mix with bright cerulean blue and weathered pastels for natural and industrial color.

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