Amorphous is the first of four collections we are developing for Autumn/Winter 2017.  This collection centers on sophisticated sustainability, the blending of mixed materials, and the convergence of technology with hand-craft.  Made-to-order, print on demand products will reign.  Color has a chalky, out-of-focus element.  Dusty blue and hazy pink are important shades while industrial greys and browns round out the neutrals.

Texture is king in Amorphous print design.  A mixed media approach, such as combining hand-painted textures with unexpected digitally produced shapes, evokes depth and tactility.  Imperfect florals, grainy patterns, and shadowy finishes are key.

The archive below is one of the principle pieces in Amorphous.  Our designers recolored the original archive and added blurry and hand-painted elements to the perfectly imperfect shapes.  An emphasis is placed on texture and dusty pastel shades in order to tie the Amorphous collection together.

Stay tuned for more from Amorphous and our three other collections.  Also be sure to check out our past collections and trends for Spring/Summer 2017!