This week we’re throwing it back to 1915! The fabric we chose was made during a turn of the century time in the United States, when design began to meld with art deco — which later became popular in the 1920s.AR-G-256-018 tbt

This aqua-printed fabric is made of cotton and was most likely used for home decor. The material, as well as the color pigment has remained extremely vibrant for being more than 100 years old.

During this year in history, a lot more was going on besides this fabric being made. In 1915 …

  • According to U.S. Census records, buying a house averaged just $3,200.
  • Thomas Edison invented telescribe to record telephone conversations.
  • The Boston Red Sox beat the Philadephia Phillies four games to one to win the World Series.
  • A loaf of bread cost seven cents.