Revitalization in downtown Rock Hill, SC has been an ongoing project over the past several years. Maintaining the historic charm and southern culture while creating a desirable community to live, work, and play have been the goals of community leaders from the start. One such project is the 139 Main apartments located where the old Woolworth building once stood. While the new building has a modern feel, the backers and designers of 139 Main felt it was extremely important to tie in history of the area. That’s where the Baxter Mill Archive comes in! There are 12 pieces of art throughout the building that were selected from the archive.

We spoke to Cindy Urbanik, the interior designer of 139 Main, to learn more about this piece of the project:

How did you decide which archives you wanted to use for the Rock Hill apartment project? 

CU: We were looking for fabrics that would feel like a piece of art when enlarged to be 8 feet tall. This new building is very modern and represents a new surge of energy on Main Street. But it is also very important site that is woven into the history of Rock Hill. We were looking for fabrics that felt historical but modern at the same time to relate to this important site.

After making selections, what did the rest of your design process entail?

CU: After making initial selection we scaled them up to full size, cropped the selected area for the panels and then worked through a coloring process. We had several sessions of printing full scale panels and a giant printed pantone set where we carefully selected colors for each individual piece of the fabric. The other colors and finishes throughout the building were intentionally downplayed (lots of grey, taupe, and white) in an effort to let the panels be the focal point. So, as you can imagine, the colors of the panels became very important but it also allowed us to be as bold and vibrant as we wanted to with each fabric.

For more information on the apartments, visit the 139 Main website. To contact the Baxter Mill Archive team, shoot us an email at