Remastered Historic Designs to Be Featured In Various Product Categories

(ROCK HILL, SC- September 2, 2016) – Springs Creative Products Group, LLC (Springs Creative) is pleased to announce the partnership between their licensed brand, the Baxter Mill Archive™, and Courtney Davis, Inc.  Courtney Davis will be presenting collections to their industry-diverse clientele that are inspired by the historic archive and developed by the uniquely talented Baxter Mill team.  Key product categories include tabletop, seasonal products, stationery and paper goods, home décor, and apparel and accessories.

The Baxter Mill Archive™ contains 400,000+ archive documents that date back to the early mid-1800s.  Antique books, hand-painted artwork, and original fabric swatches are just a few of the treasures housed within this extensive library.  The archives were acquired from several of the great textile companies and design studios of the world including the renowned M. Lowenstein & Sons.  Once an exclusively in-house design resource, the Baxter Mill Archive™ is now a licensed brand and will also continue to serve Springs Creative clients.

“The goal of Baxter Mill is to give the antique documents fresh purpose in today’s market, inspired by the latest trends in apparel and home decor,” says Kathy Phillips, Creative Director at Springs Creative.  “Our new partnership with Courtney Davis is a fantastic way to showcase the versatility of the archive and the immense skill of our design team.”

Courtney Davis is highly renowned for their portfolio of industry-leading artists, including Susan Winget, Chad Barrett, Tim Coffey, Gregory Gorham, Joy Hall, Lisa Kaus, Suzanne Nicoll, Lori Siebert, Caroline Simas, LoriLynn Simms, Nicole Tamarin, ARTLY, Linda Nelson Stocks, and Warren Kimble.  The addition of Springs Creative’s Baxter Mill Archive brings a unique and vast art library to the agency’s creative mix. To learn more about Springs Creative’s Baxter Mill Archive and Courtney Davis go to  You can also call the agency at 615-472-7700 or email


The Baxter Mill Archive™ is owned by Springs Creative Products Group, LLC.  Springs Creative is a global leader in innovations in textiles headquartered in Rock Hill, SC, and also maintains a production and sourcing team in Shanghai, China.  Staffed by more than 150 talented employees, Springs Creative offers services spanning the creative and technical side of the supply chain which includes sourcing, logistics, digital printing, product design, brand development, marketing, and merchandising.  More information:  803-324-6300 or visit or