A focus on sensory experiences as well as wellness and feelings of home drive the Modular collection.  Eclectic themes, nods from the 1970s design world, and the fuse of technology into everyday apparel and interiors drive this trend.  Color has an unmistakable retro quality.  A balance of midtones with key tones like saturated red and deep green evoke 1970s glam.

Unexpected contrasts are essential in Modular print and pattern design.  Disarrayed geometrics, moiré texture, and retro influences tell an eclectic story.


We’ve selected the quirky archives below to be featured in Modular!  The unexpected shapes and colors combinations of each archive fit perfectly into this retro-inspired trend.

Modular rounds out our Autumn/Winter 2017 collections.  We’re excited to continue archive diving, create collections, and to share all our findings!  Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated.