Our Mysterious collection centers on embracing and understanding darkness.  Beauty becomes bittersweet, lines between night and day are blurred, and moments of melancholy are cherished as places for inspiration and new ideas.  Colors are rich and deep with shades like dark merlot and pewter which combine with piercing accents of citrus green.

The overall vision for our Mysterious collection translates into luxurious, gothic, and ornate print and pattern design.  Our designers focus on faceted gems, dark ombrés, distressed florals, psychedelic dream influences, and Victorian lace to create a complexly layered, opulent look.

One of our hero prints is the intricate, densely packed lace archive seen in the image below.  It is an original hand-painted piece obtained from Karen Moller’s vintage textile design archive in London.  The beauty of this archive is in the gorgeous detail, so as always, our designers will work hard to maintain the integrity of the art while updating the color and scale.  This will create a design that will work cohesively in the Mysterious collection.

Stay tuned for more from Mysterious as well as our three other trends for Autumn/Winter 2017.  Want to contact us?  info@baxtermill.com.