After ending her career as an actress and becoming Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly developed a new hobby: flower pressing. In 1965 she began arranging dried flowers on canvas as a form of artistic expression. At the urging of friends, Princess Grace showcased her work at the Galarie Drouant in Paris in 1977, which garnered worldwide attention.

Neil Mandell, a new employee at Springs, was one of those who took particular notice of Princess Grace’s artistic ability. Realizing that her work would translate beautifully to the Springmaid™ bedding line, Mandell and the Springs team decided to pursue a business partnership with the princess. Getting in touch with her proved to be a challenge, but Mandell worked his industry contacts and eventually obtained her private telephone number. The next challenge was to convince Princess Grace of the value of her work and how well her designs would translate to Springs products. After a few conversations, the princess accepted the proposal and work began on Springmaid’s ™ Princess Grace of Monaco line.

Princess Grace created three flower pressings called Tamora, Fiona, and Celia. Springs then took the designs and applied them to bedding products such as comforters, sheets, and pillowcases. In 1979, the princess and her husband Prince Ranier paid a visit to the Katharine Manufacturing Plant in Fort Mill, SC to gain a full understanding of how her designs were made into finished goods. The royalties Princess Grace earned from her art were donated to her favorite charities and her three collections remained top sellers until they were discontinued in 1982 after her passing.