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A fusion of historical and modern references, low-saturation, tonal colors, and thoughtful designs form our Intellectual trend. Mindful doodles and florals, harmonious geometrics, subtle patterns, and modern blocking define motif design.


Assemblage is a blend of global street culture, 1970s nostalgia, and vibrant city life. Cityscapes, bright signage, and mix-and-match styles inspire pattern design. Updated tribal motifs, retro blocking, industrial checks, and graffiti encompass this trend.


Wilderside expresses the desire to get closer to the tougher side of nature and celebrates the beauty of the unfiltered, raw, and unfinished. Lush botanicals, figurative Nordic influences, folky geometrics, and charred, burned surfaces characterize pattern design.


Lines blur between dream states and reality in Otherworld. Dramatic color, alien florals, and distortive filters create mysterious, tech-inspired compositions. Electrifying, layered lines, liquid movement, bright neons, and dramatic designs fulfill this dark, wondrous trend.